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Welcome to my Homepage! Thriller fiction has always been my addiction so it seemed a natural step for me to start writing in the genre when the opportunity arose. The setting for Birth of an Assassin, my debut novel, is Post War Russia, a place that has always filled me with a mysterious wondering. I loved the research for this one almost as much as writing the story. The novel has been dubbed historical, but as I have been alive for much of the time covered, for the life of me I can’t see why. The second in the series, The Turkish Connection, is set in Turkey, as you might have guessed, and introduces a new protagonist. The third, The Man in the Blue Fez, forms a united front for the heroes.

For some reason, writers always feel the need to prove something. In my case, I put the thriller pen to one side and wrote The Way We Were; a collection of romantic short stories. Although a suspense novel will always take priority, I had a ball writing this book. It was written to warm the heart and bring a tear to the eye. If this is your genre, I’m sure you’ll love it.

A new series has just hit the bookshelves and the first of the installments is detailed at A Destiny to Die For where you’ll find an introduction to Angelita, a girl from the favelas who thinks life owes her a living. Not just a living, she truly thinks she is destined for greater things. Click here and have a look at a short scene. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading about her life; she is one wicked lady. Also, if you click on one of the banners at the top of the page, you will be taken through to more detailed information about the books.

Rik Stone grew up amidst the slum-lands of fifties North East England and left school at fifteen without academic qualifications. He worked in the shipyards on a local river, spent time in the merchant navy, and went on to work in quarries in South East England…

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