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Novel Scenes

Excerpts to Whet your Appetite Twitter: @suehart34 FB: Website: Twitter: @stevenjclark1  FB: Website:   Last week I interviewed Steven J. Clark, bestselling author of Wages of Greed, and Sue Hart, who is waiting to complete her fourth book in the Past-Life Memories series before publishing. Steven and Sue came as a pair to see if [...]

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Interview with Steven J Clark and Sue Hart.

Steven J Clark Twitter: @stevenjclark1  FB: Website:   Sue Hart Twitter: @suehart34 FB: Website:   Welcome to my interview with Steven J Clark and Sue Hart. Steven is the best selling author of Wages of Greed, and Sue, the most patient writer I have met to date, has three books from the series Past-Life Memories written [...]

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Building a Framework

Creating a Framework You want the story you see in your mind to be the same as that which you get down on paper, but where do you start? That is what we will look at here; unloading your initial thoughts. No one actually succeeds in mirroring the picture they see exactly, but a professional writer [...]

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