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Rik listened to a lot of auditions from professional narrators interested in recounting the romantic stories from the book, The Way We Were. They were all good, so much so he hated choosing one over another, but choose he did, and Bob Sterry was the chosen one. Why?  Bob’s voice is clear and compelling with a laid-back rhythm that makes you want to sit in an easy chair and give it your full attention; in other words, it was made for this book.  Other than being a narrator, Bob writes poetry and performs on stage. You can find out more about him on his Website.

An audio sample is available below. Listen to it for yourself.

The Way We Were

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 Truly a Romantic Interlude

The Way We Were: Romantic Interludes by Rik Stone is a collection of five different romantic stories.

Sterry the narrator was fantastic, his voice gave light and vision to the scenes and characters throughout the book.

The short romantic stores were heartfelt and sentimental romantic stories. I so wanted to be a character in this book, the love was simply a reminder that attraction can be subtle and develop into a deep relationship. Each story is short and sweet The romantic interludes are all completely different covering all ages of love, it’s romantic, humorous and an enjoyable listen.

Rik stone’s writing style and the narrator’s tone let us feel the characters’ emotions, I highly recommend this book