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Getting into Character

 Getting into Character To me, a novel should have its share of being both plot and character driven, as I hope you might have seen in the Birth of an Assassin series. Currently, I’m into a new, yet to be published, project titled A Destiny to Die For and I’m about 17k into book three, but I’ve hit a [...]

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                                      Dialogue Hello, welcome to the writer's journal. I thought we would have a look at writing dialogue in this article. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the nitty-gritty. What is dialogue to a writer? Well, although [...]

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Point of View

Point of View Before planning a story in any great detail there are several things to consider. One of those deliberations is what viewpoint should the text be written? Let’s have a look at some of the choices. First Person Point of View (POV): If you want the intimacy of just a single person throughout [...]

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Building a Framework

Creating a Framework You want the story you see in your mind to be the same as that which you get down on paper, but where do you start? That is what we will look at here; unloading your initial thoughts. No one actually succeeds in mirroring the picture they see exactly, but a professional writer [...]

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Story Development

Story Development What does a reader look for in a fictional story? To a point it depends on genre, but all readers share common wants; excitement, satisfaction, closure, escapism, happiness, sadness, fear, and even sharing the anguish and pain of a character. Writers want these same things, and having completed the final draft of a [...]

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The Mission Statement

This is the beginning of a blog that is all about words, why they matter, and why the quality in how they are formulated is so important. The articles will include the thoughts of other authors and will come together in the form of interviews or spotlights on their work. The questions I ask of [...]

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