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New love, Old love, Lost love, and more.

Romantic Interludes.

She Reminds Me: It seemed more than a little odd that he might meet someone exactly like his ex on his first night out since being dumped. If he could show this girl his better side, things might turn out a little different. But was that likely after what he said in the first two minutes of their meeting?

The Way We Were: Jon’s love for Sally is unconditional and keeping him from her tears him apart. But they have complete control over him. How can he possibly turn things around?

The Promised Land: Three sisters arrive in a new country. The last thing they expected was to end up on the wrong side of an interrogation table, but could it lead to what they’d always hoped for?

Out of the Ashes: Widowed several years earlier, Annie’s mum cajoled her into starting again, but the world had changed and there were those who wanted no more from her than her money. She wanted to return to the comfort of her self-imposed life as a hermit, but would that be fair on those financially worse off than her. The detective she hires to get to the bottom of the problem is really quite a dish, but she had to remember; he was only doing his job.

A Fine Romance: Melanie has a schoolgirl crush on Joe Romano and when he asks her out she is more than a little excited. But he lets her down and she cries all the way home, swearing never to speak to him again. Six years later, their working lives cross paths. Joe has always carried a torch for Melanie and does everything he can to make up for his boyhood stupidity. But is it too late?